Dear Baby (33 Weeks)

IMG_4509Dear Baby Grantham,

Today you are 33 weeks old. Holy guacamole! Actually it would probably be more realistic to say, holy honeydew! because that’s what you’re supposedly the size of now.

Baby “sizes” are weird because every website wants us to think you’re just like some sort of fruit or vegetable but I’ve never really looked at a green onion and thought, “wow, you’re the size of my baby.” Come on.

Lately you’ve been squirming around in my ribs, playing them with your toes like you would a harp. I don’t like it. It was much cuter when you were doing that thing where you hiccuped for five minutes, let’s go back to that. I can definitely tell when you are sleeping because you really love to move around while you’re awake. Hopefully you’re this into sleeping after you’re born too so we won’t be so crazy and sleep deprived.

In just seven weeks you’ll be a real baby (not that you aren’t already, I know I’m not growing a chicken inside my belly) and we will be able to hold you and stare at your sweet little face for hours on end. I can’t wait to see what you look like, if it’s me or your Dad or a combination of both of us. I wonder if you’ll be blonde or you’ll have brown hair. Since we both have blue eyes I think I can put my money on the same color for yours. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about what you’ll look like but I’m starting to now that we’ll be meeting you NEXT MONTH. We have a lot to do before then but I think we’re just about ready either way. We hope that you’re strong and healthy and that you’ll like us. Our dog will be jealous but we love you more than him (don’t say anything).

Keep growing and chunking up in there little guy.




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