Over the last couple of day I have been nesting.

I’ve decided things need to be organized and everything needs to find a home before the baby gets here because I doubt I’ll be doing a lot of cleaning afterwards. Sometimes I worry that my husband will come home from deployment and it will look like the baby and I have been living in a disaster zone for the whole three and a half months he’ll be gone. Okay I’ll be honest, I don’t really worry about it so much as I know that it will probably be exactly like that. But if I get organized now it will help me in the long run right?

First of all, we need to declutter. In the past 13 months we’ve had two weddings, a bridal shower, a baby shower, and both of our birthdays. We could stand to lose a little house weight. Thanks to the generosity of our family and friends, we have new and improved kitchen tools and some things to decorate our house with, which means we really need to embrace the whole “out with the old, in with the new” thing. Buy/sell/trade sites are about to become my new best friend.

I was planning on starting with our guest room since that is where my mother-in-law will be staying when the baby arrives but I got sidetracked by our bedroom. After several hours of reorganizing, moving seasonal clothes into storage bins, cleaning out of drawers, and generally getting rid of things our room looked…exactly the same. THIS is the hard part of deep cleaning and organizing. Although we spent a lot of time and effort to reorganize, you really don’t know that anything has happened on the surface.

The baby’s room needs some work but we are waiting to set everything in its place after the rocker gets here, which will be within the next six weeks hopefully. I spent some time last night organizing clothes into piles to see where we are lacking before I get everything washed and put away. As soon as my husband’s Christmas break starts we should be able to redo the closet to allow us a more usable space.

The kitchen is a place of organized chaos. Hopefully we will be doing a DIY project soon that will help us out a little. We will also be clearing out some of our old pots and pans to make room for the set we purchased after our wedding.

Any tips on organizing the rooms in your house? Share them with me and we will certainly use them!


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