Dear Baby (34 Weeks)


34 weeks!! You are now the size of a pineapple and weigh as much as a bag of sugar. In just five to seven short weeks we will be meeting you!

This week I sorted out all of your clothes into sizes to see where we were lacking and we actually seem to be doing pretty well. Holding a piece of newborn clothing filled me with a little bit of awe knowing how teeny tiny you will be when we can finally hold you. It’s easy to forget just how small babies start out.

Today Dad and I talked about whether or not we were nervous for you to arrive. I’m feeling pretty good knowing that I have lots of baby experience. The big difference will be that you are my baby and I don’t get to leave at the end of the day, which means I will finally understand the true meaning of sleep deprivation. It seems Dad is more nervous about the whole parenting aspect at the moment instead of the fact that he will soon be the father of a teeny tiny child. I know that he has lots of ideas about parenting and he can’t help but look towards the future and plan years in advance. Tonight he told me he can’t wait to take you camping and snow caving, I’m thinking we’ve got a couple of years before you have those magical experiences to look forward to.

The doctor told me yesterday that I’m measuring two weeks behind but as long as I’m eating healthily and feeling well there’s nothing to be worried about. We also talked about what will happen if you’re late and that once we hit your due date we will schedule an induction for January 29th. It makes me rest a little easier knowing that there really is an end date in sight just in case you decide to stay cozied up in here.

In two weeks we get to have an ultrasound! We haven’t seen you since you were 19 weeks and 4 days old so it’s about time we got another sneak peak! After that we have appointments scheduled every week to check out progress. We really are getting close! I think we’ll be installing your car seat in the next two weeks and packing our hospital bags to feel a little more ready.

Your family can’t wait to meet you and everyone is starting to think about making plans to come visit us after you’re born. There is so much love and joy waiting to welcome you, the first grandchild for my and Dad’s parents and the first great grandchild for my Nana!

Until next week,


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