Dear Baby (35 Weeks)


Honeydew or canary melon, we’ve made it to 35 weeks! Next week I think I’ll start to feel like we’re in the home stretch when we only have four weeks to go.

A couple friends asked me today if we thought we were ready for you. To be honest, the nursery is a little crazy with your clothes sorted out by size on the floor, the artwork stacked in your crib, and your closet waiting for a makeover. At least that’s what I tell people. In reality I think we’re ready for you. At least I am, I know I can’t speak for your Dad. It will be strange to have to share you with the world instead of keeping your little (and sometimes not so little) kicks to myself. I can’t believe that in a few short weeks from now you will be your own individual being, no longer growing inside of me. Hopefully you’ll have a real name by then.

IMG_4597I was blessed to be showered with compliments on my “tiny” belly today and how “adorable” I looked with a “little basketball” for a belly. Liars! But really I was so thankful to have the compliments of a couple of strangers wishing me luck. We certainly have a lifelong journey ahead and I’m glad that there were a few individuals in tune with my need to feel proud of my belly and my baby today.

Only six more days until we get a little sneak peak of you! Although I’m not a huge fan of 3D ultrasounds it might be fun to see what kind of features you are developing. I wonder what parts of me you’ll have and what parts of your Dad. Either way I know I’ll be amazed at the teeny tiny hands and feet I will be meeting.

Do your best to keep growing in there for a few more weeks…and stay off my bladder.




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