Dear Baby (36 Weeks)

IMG_4629Merry Christmas Grantham!

Not only do we celebrate Christmas today, but our 36 week mark! Today you are as big as a large cantaloupe or honeydew melon (still?!) and about as long as a piece of romaine lettuce, depending on the baby app. According to our ultrasound technician you are about six pounds and in the 46th percentile, head down, butt up, and legs off to my right side! Dad and I are totally okay with you being average at this point but you better shape up once you’re born. Just kidding! But not really because your grandparents bought you every single BOB book and gave them to you for Christmas today. They’re expecting big things.

Your Dad and I are realizing that from here on out we could really meet you any day. Any day! Tomorrow we will be packing our hospital bags and installing your car seat just so we can be extra prepared. Yesterday the doctor said I am one centimeter dilated and 80-90% effaced. Wow! While we know that doesn’t mean very much right now and I could still make it the full 41 weeks, it amazes us to know that my body is really getting ready for labor.

Our ultrasound technician had a very hard time getting a good picture of you yesterday. First, you were putting your hand smack dab in the middle of your face. How rude! We’re just trying to see what you look like! She wasn’t shy about poking you around a little to see if you would move but you weren’t very interested. So…we bribed you with candy. And by that I mean I ate two bags of Skittles and a handful of MnM’s to get you to move. But don’t get used to it! After I saw the doctor we tried to get another glimpse of you but you were snuggling with your placenta. The technician said you would probably be a cuddler. I’m definitely okay with that. We’re going to try again next week but we did get a decent picture of you. Cooperate next time! Don’t you know it’s Christmas?!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4c0/80248533/files/2014/12/img_4617.jpg

Your uncle Ian was all about trying to feel your kicks today. Unfortunately I’m so used to it now I kept forgetting to tell him when you were moving. He did get to feel you once and he thought it was pretty crazy.

As my personal Christmas present, my belly button has decided to hang on to its innie shape. Hooray! I think I can keep this going for four more weeks but it’s going to be a stretch.

We’re getting more excited to meet you every day! This week I washed, folded, and put all of your clothes away. You’re going to have way too much to wear for your first couple of months but I can’t help myself when it comes to cute baby clothes. We’ve got everything to keep you warm and bundled up for the rest of the winter. Either way, I’m sure the dog will try to cuddle with you. Hopefully you like him.

As a last note, you still don’t have a name. Dad and I have it narrowed down to three and we’re going to wait until you’re born to pick the one that fits you best. Hopefully one of them works! We do have your middle name picked out, so there’s that.

Anyways, we want you to know that we really like you so far. Even with all the punching and kicking it’s been fun to carry you in my belly for so long. I think I’ll probably miss keeping you to myself but I’m so excited for everyone else to meet you.

Only 29 days to go!

Merry Christmas.

Love, Mom


2 thoughts on “Dear Baby (36 Weeks)

  1. Zach Ksiazek says:

    So happy for you Gabrielle, i told you you would find the right person. and indeed you did in chase, and i am so happy your having a baby.congratulations. best wishes. you deserve all of this, your such a good person. your going to make a great mom.


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