Home Baked Goods

Four years ago I realized I didn’t have any money but a lot of people I loved. When Christmas looms nearer each year I can’t help but want to give and gift to everyone I know. Unfortunately, as a pretty poor college student this wasn’t at all possible. Then the idea hit me that I could simply bake treats for all of my friends and family instead of having to buy individual gifts! Thus, four years ago, the tradition of home baked goods started.

Year OneMy first year I packaged my famous s’more cookies, red velvet cookies, and chocolate cookies. Year Two

My second year, I boxed s’more cookies, mini chocolate whoopie pies with peppermint ganache, red velvet crinkle cookies, and oreo truffles.

Last year I spent hours making s’more cookies, caramel shortbread bars, sea salt caramels, and red velvet cake balls.

Weirdly, I didn’t document their existence so I’m not sure how I made it through my sugar coma.

This year, I am pregnant. I am tired. I am complaining. I’ve been thinking about my Christmas baking since Thanksgiving but I’ve just had the hardest time researching recipes and motivating myself to get going…until tonight. Tonight I found my perfect solution. My gift may not be as exciting this year as it has been in the last few, but this year I will be gifting homemade hot chocolate mix and s’more cookies. I stumbled upon a perfect homemade hot chocolate recipe today by Smitten Kitchen. I like to think of myself as a hot chocolate perfectionist and this mix fills me with such happiness! It has never been easier to make delicious cocoa at home and I’m so excited to share the delicious mix with my friends and family this year. And don’t worry, I won’t forget the cookies. Next year I may even include some homemade marshmallows!


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