The Best Is Yet To Come

I’m not sure we could have packed much more into this year.10626305_2743348265778_6680425957732429428_o

Starting the New Year as newlyweds was exciting for us, but Chase quickly deployed to Okinawa for two months. Because we didn’t end up having much of a honeymoon (besides the amazing day and a half we spent at the St. Regis in Deer Valley) Chase decided to fly me to to stay with him for three weeks while on break from culinary school.

While he did have to work half the time I was there, I had plenty to do. I made new friends, who helped me to try some new foods and were nice enough to drive me to the same restaurant three different times because I was so obsessed with it. I learned to scuba dive and, not to toot my own horn, was told I was a natural! I knew I should have been a mermaid. 1962635_2401415797680_290895204_nChase and I were also able to go on a couple hikes, drive up to the northernmost part of Okinawa, live through an earthquake, and eat an absurd amount of food. I think our favorite place was Dragon’s, 10013893_2406399842278_1740967001_na very eclectic Chinese restaurant that made all of their sauces from fruits and served their food like Chinese style tapas. I think Chase probably still dreams about it. My three weeks came and went too quickly, but classes were calling me back to the States and Chase was able to come home four short weeks later.10006511_2401760206290_79608344_n

After settling back into a normal routine we had the chance to adopt a puppy…welcome Rupert! He is by far the most entertaining dog I have ever met.

10635880_10152488105194401_4256556610780209252_nWhile he does frustrate us at times, I don’t think we could imagine life without our sweet pup. His cuddles and crazy antics fill us with moments of joy each day. We often say that if he could become one with you and figure out how to crawl inside your body, he would.


Only a month and a half after welcoming Rupert into our home, we were surprised to find out we were expecting a baby! After taking a pregnancy test on a whim I was too astonished not to tell Chase about the positive test immediately. I did, however, force him to drive to the store with me to purchase three more tests just to make sure it wasn’t an accident. And even after three more tests I still waited until the doctor confirmed the pregnancy with an ultrasound to believe absolutely anything.xJ1BB0Um0kadpaMjtsbNp5AA0jUMmTojBsjuKMsOKoM

A few weeks later we celebrated our marriage with a second wedding ceremony in Omaha with our closest friends and family. Since the ceremony was supposed to be outside it rained, of course. _zNI2p0KfyY_E_8D1sqqs8NNIcvInuZEKdd4pj9278sBut it turned out to be a beautiful indoor ceremony despite the gloomy weather, it even made our pictures better! We had the most wonderful day celebrating and 76dtfcCey-vZn4jtnsRG9agXTRNZorXk5ACTGoUoHKIare so grateful to those that were able to attend for making the day so special for us. One of my favorite parts of the day was during our ceremony where Chase and I shared our own vows. Apparently everyone cried through them, including Chase and I at various parts. It made the ceremony even more special to hear Chase’s own hopes, dreams, and promises for our marriage.

T3NTeeSxW6dSQV5Cvw6q6Ppj5L4NNMdLPKxbQ2FFTfkatPVGHCM82kLtAjA2H6vavBOehy-A9RkXAVxW11UXVI ZQmCldDSLyo4nmro2oadeGIKX1E9bqDHjT2j91av7QsyPUtlt85Abvyl5eeg9q8YNj1g9c9cHQmHtvb-grF7Jg 1Kfh2mHDAt0O8hp35nHKfeabCCaMrmLi6cMWUFu4-UQ

Chase and I obviously both celebrated birthdays this year, his 29th and my 23rd. We celebrated by eating lots of cake for Chase’s birthday and pizookies for mine!

10628856_2606012312465_8183331491747380614_oBetween our birthdays we announced to the world that a little munchkin would be joining our family in January and had an ultrasound to find out our baby’s gender…a boy! I felt like I knew it all along, even though Chase made fun of me constantly for it. He told me I couldn’t know we were having a boy just because I like spicy and salty foods or because I wasn’t getting any morning sickness, but I was right! 10696248_10152488116929401_6324692200687576919_nI’ve always thought having an oldest brother is cute, now he can protect any little girls we have in the future. I’m pretty sure the only reason Chase wanted a girl was so he wouldn’t have to paint one of the nursery walls from peach to navy. Nice try Chase. Our announcement was so fun, we had a box filled with balloons and when Chase and I opened it blue balloons flew everywhere! Two of my friends are due a week before and after me and are both having boys as well so we were excited to join the boy club. 10641040_10152488119789401_1596656778999191533_nChase and I, as terrible as we are, were so excited for the reveal that we forgot to FaceTime his parents in! We called them after everyone left and their excitement at the news with hilarious. Thankfully one of our good friends captured the moment we told them as we laughed hysterically at their reaction.10653293_10152488120094401_193900753580868938_n

In October I flew to Salt Lake to attend the wedding of two of the most influential people in my life thus far. How they ended up together is a wonder to me but nothing could ever make more sense. 10711108_2708523675185_2041052637021096991_nApart they are two of the most loving and caring individuals I have ever met. One of them makes you feel so loved and appreciated I can’t believe everyone didn’t want to marry her. The other has a strong and steady presence that helps you to be sure of yourself and your faith. Together they may just be the most sickeningly adorable couple I have ever spent time with. Their love and affection for each other is contagious and beautiful and I hope to emulate the same in my own marriage.10614200_2709698304550_6448860147248212386_n

10653748_2684410952382_6643326221560696479_nIn the middle of November Chase and I celebrated our one year anniversary, how does a year go by so quickly?! Chase was sweet enough to provide me with breakfast in bed (I had a serious bacon craving at one point during pregnancy) and an amazing anniversary dinner. He also won major husband points by gifting me a massage and facial that I used in an epic day of pampering. I was able to order Chase a copy of our song cut into the cutest little hearts with our wedding date on that little red heart towards the bottom. I can tell I’m definitely going to be into this whole symbolic yearly anniversary gift, so high five to me for coming up with something “paper”!unnamed

10404348_2755575251445_5968394782208051481_nDecember 1st marked the last day of my #100happydays challenge, but certainly not my last happy day.

Now we’ve finally made it to the end of the year and I can’t believe how quickly it came and went. I’ve heard that as you grow older the years pass by more and more quickly. I’ve also heard time moves even more quickly once you have children. Uh oh.

I have loved so much of this year and even when it hasn’t been happy it has moved forward. A year older, but probably not any wiser, I can’t say that I haven’t made my fair share of mistakes. I hope to have learned more this year than those past and to make myself a better person, a better wife, and a good soon-to-be mother. It’s daunting to think that in a few short weeks I will welcome a little boy into the world, a place that I don’t quite understand yet myself. There is so much to teach and so much to learn but I am excited to share our experiences together as a family. We are so grateful to our friends and family that have been so influential and instrumental in our lives. I can’t imagine a life without each and every person we share it with now. This has been a year of becoming immersed into each other’s families and being welcomed with open and loving arms. A year of new friendships and rekindling old ones. A year that has taught us the value of friendship and the stability of family.

This year has been wonderful, but we know the best is yet to come.


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