Dear Baby (37 Weeks)

Happy New Year Grantham! And happy birth month! AND birth year!

Chase and I can’t believe we just celebrated our last holiday without you but we’re so excited to know you will be here this month. We definitely feel like we’ve reached “go time.”Z7qVuGl-CwknwLWFwbdfh2ZjByUUa1t0awH0ACKG_aE

Today, the first day of not only the month but an entirely new year, marks your 37th week of existence. Today you are as large as a winter melon or watermelon and as long as a stalk of Swiss chard (that last one is obviously from my weird app). Weighing between six and six and a half pounds and measuring between 18 and 21 inches I can definitely feel everything you’re doing in my belly. Each movement squeezes my bladder, gives me a cramp, or punches my skin outwards. Yesterday I told the doctor I really feel like you are trying to escape at times.

Speaking of the doctor, we had an interesting appointment yesterday. Sadly I don’t seem to have progressed very much and am only dilated between one and two centimeters with the same 90% effacement. I’m still measuring a bit behind, 35 weeks compared to the 37 we’re at, but since the last ultrasound looked pretty good the doctor isn’t worried. Here’s the twist. It turns out our doctor is going to be out of town the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. AH, that’s supposed to be your birthday! Depending on how our next appointment or two go I might be induced a week early so we won’t have to worry about a different doctor delivering you.I think that both excites and terrifies us. We still feel like we have so many little things to do and it seems we’re starting to run out of time to do them. Of course, we have almost everything we need for you. Definitely everything you need to at least survive. It’s just a couple of little things here and there we have yet to acquire.

Whether we meet you in 15 days or 28, we’re realizing more than ever we will be bringing a little human into this world soon. As I was making cookies today I had the odd thought that it might be harder to mix dough and scoop batter with an infant tied to my front. Silly, I know, but the little things in life are going to change just as much as the big things.

The countdown has really, really begun Grantham.AInrm3oMBlU_E-ikhmdizL6gn47hy7qc3JmGtA1V2Zw

Love always,



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