These last two weeks are starting to feel like an eternity. Every day I think, it’s only ____day?! I mean, how can we have only made it to Tuesday? I feel like Monday lasted almost three days in itself.

With a very short amount of time until our baby arrives Chase and I decided, at the last minute, to take on all kinds of construction projects. Why? Because we’re probably crazy. I don’t know who else decides to rip out the closet in their child’s nursery two weeks before induction. It’s probably just us.

GGF8rzjd9f9S9H8YhUVtbMhTH8Wd4RBlob-bqiPElnETruth be told, it’s really probably my fault. I have been wanting to redo the closet in our nursery for quite some time but I don’t know that I set my heart on it until more recently. Chase, the saint that he is, has decided to go along with it and did not only design the closet himself, he has also completely remodeled it himself. I’m seriously impressed.JV9jMXeiJrtVCKTNUeWPHh98P2M-s8ObEZkRJMJM3P0

Now, the closet before was terrible. The wire racks are just awful and the use of space makes no sense to me. This is practically the same for every closet in our house. I don’t know who decided to design our closets so terribly but I’d like to give them a little smack.

After spending far too much time on Pinterest, I found a closet design idea I quite liked the look of. It seemed that this would give us plenty of space to store things since we don’t have a dresser in the nursery and still allow us to hang the few items that actually need hanging. Because let’s be honest, I’m not going to hang up all of our little tiny onesies just to be taking them down every couple of hours in the event of accidents. Storage space is the way to go.


As discovered on the 12 Oaks blog

After showing Chase my idea he set to work. He designed the closet to have three shelves of storage, one area (for now) for hanging clothes, and a removable (in the future) bottom shelf that we can use for storage now and take out later to make more room for an addition space to hang clothes. He has done such a good job so far! I, on the other hand, am absolutely useless and just sit in the other room comforting our scaredy-dog while Chase bangs away.V9yhIJ7qa_FBqAtjeTpY8xbpOCItjERKidNX7Bza1egxjd-m69C8q-eGWXEH_4qZ2Iru8cHnu-JRutm4m5KIRw

The project is still under way and Chase has another couple of days of sanding, priming, and painting but I am so excited to share the finished product! Maybe I’ll even be able to convince him to finally take the doors off so I can show the whole thing.

I’m hoping to have an update by the end of the week so check back then! In the meantime I’ll be feeding Chase lots of yummy meals and cookies to keep the momentum going.


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