Dear Baby (38 Weeks)


Have I mentioned I have a chocolate chip cookie problem? I’ve started to keep pre-portioned cookie dough in the fridge at all times.

Happy 38 weeks Grantham! One week from today we will be heading to the hospital for my induction.  It is so crazy to think that my pregnancy is really coming to an end and we’ll be holding you soon.

Today you are as big as a bunch of swiss chard (seriously?), a watermelon (again), or a pumpkin and as long as a leek (I think they’re really starting to stretch here). According to my favorite weekly baby email update you are actually the size of a baby. I laughed so hard after I read that. Of course you’re the size of a baby! Next week I’ll be glad to be done with all of these strange vegetable references. What these “sizes” really mean are that you have grown to almost seven pounds and should measure between 19 and 21 inches.

I’m not having any contractions yet but I decided I can wait to get through all of my baby prep appointments next week to start experiencing those. So as much as I want to meet you, wait until I can get everything checked off the list! It’ll be harder to take you to my haircut in three months than it will be to just go with you still in my belly on Thursday.

The doctor said that I’m measuring at a solid 2 cm, still 90% effaced, with a soft cervix, and…he can feel your head! Wah! I’m glad we won’t be having any problems with you being upside down like I was at my due date. The doctor and I made a plan that I will have my last appointment next Wednesday to see where I’m at. From there we will decide if I go to the hospital on Thursday night to start my induction or on Friday morning. That’s so soon but I have a feeling the next week is going to move sooo sloooowly. I’m trying to make it go quickly with all kinds of appointments and finishing all of the small organization tasks I have.

One of my friends is in the hospital today being induced! She’s been texting me throughout the day giving me small updates on what induction is like and whether or not it’s going to hurt to get an epidural, etc. I’m actually quite glad (selfishly) that she is having this experience before me so I can be extra prepared to know what will happen next week! Nothing sounds too terrible so far and I have gotten a good nurse recommendation. On Wednesday or Thursday next week I think I’ll also make some cookies and cinnamon rolls for the nurses to try to get on their good side. Baked goods=niceness. Right? That’s what I’m going for.

Well Grantham, we’ll see you in a week!

P.S. Have I ever mentioned why we call you Grantham? Way back in the beginning Dad and I had two different favorite names and in fairness to each other we didn’t want to call you by either…so we combined them! People have started to say it would be funny if that turned out to be your real name, but it isn’t. Sorry bud! It may stick around as a nickname but we have two other names picked out for you. We’ll choose one as soon as we see your sweet face!


One thought on “Dear Baby (38 Weeks)

  1. Barbara W. says:

    Whew! I was worrying about him being called “Granny” in Jr. High! We’re holding our breath and keeping you in our prayers. Don’t be too scared! It’s all worth it! I love you!


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