Project Update (Nursery Closet)

b7t0cvh6bN4aFgexsEc1LVjBTquPKh8KQP0Pb2y4TYkIt’s finished!

My beautiful new nursery closet is complete and I’m so excited! Chase did an amazing job. He worked so hard to cut all of the shelves, put them up himself, prime, paint, and sand everything. The final product is exactly what I wanted and having it done has given me plenty of time to fill it with little tiny clothes!UUHJaDBF1Y-SCnO-JPEZAhUxRcFLVZKw-GwtRgVg7u8

Almost immediately after finishing with the nursery we walked around to all the other closets and tried to figure out how we could redo the rest of them to make more sense as well. I have a feeling this will be a year of house projects.

oAGqHoPqsL2eoj6l_tlFclo2MJHmg7Rp6CvN9nMRkIYA huge thank you to everyone who provided the things that are IN the closet. We have been blessed with such wonderful friends and family to help us prepare for Grantham’s arrival!  riOVHkQg4l4pRXCNMggCJ48ctRQudyn4kqPex3QDO8E

We also managed to rearrange the nursery after I filled the closet as it looks so much better. All we are waiting for now is the rocker to arrive on Wednesday (right in the nick of time!) and to get some things to decorate. We only have two pieces of artwork so far and I would really like to collect some more. We’re also working on a side table for the rocker so we can add some personal pictures of us.

Pictures of the nursery to come soon!UzUaymCE49i0FozHDbRv7SYa7XUg9aSiksmNIICt_Po


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