Hello World

Little Rhett,

One week ago today your Dad and I woke up so early to drive to the hospital to be induced. I made us leave extra early so we could stop and get some bananas for breakfast on the way. We arrived at the hospital with plenty of time to spare, rode the elevator to Labor and Delivery, buzzed the nurses on the intercom and said, “We’re here to have a baby!”TnMiQdGIeYb58O9eJuGAUKVcxpT_ylofqHsOy_GbipQ

The nurses took us back to our room to get settled in and put in my IV (which made me sick, yuck). Our doctor arrived around 7:15 AM to to start me on piton for my contractions and break my water. In one short hour my contractions started getting pretty strong and I asked for something to tide me over until my epidural. The medicine the gave me made the whole room spin! I felt better pretty quickly but after only 45 minutes I started having very intense contractions. I asked for my epidural and the anesthesiologist made his way to our room very quickly. It didn’t even hurt! Only a second of burning and I was pain free…almost.

Unfortunately, my epidural only started working on my right side! I was still having intense contractions on my left side so they called for the anesthesiologist to come back about 30 minutes later. In the meantime they gave me even more room spinning medicine. As soon as the second dose of the epidural was injected at 11:50 AM they checked my cervix and I was dilated to 5 centimeters, only halfway there. Chase and I were so tired we both fell asleep. I woke up an hour later to my heart racing and asked the nurse if something was wrong. She told me that since I was so small and had gotten so much medicine my blood pressure was dropping and she needed to give me something to raise it. She looked a little worried and told me that she wanted to check my cervix again and I was fully dilated to 10 centimeters in only one hour!The nurse frantically called my doctor (who was about to leave the hospital) and some other nurses to come in and help get everything set up for your delivery. Chase nervously asked if he had time to get lunch or go to the bathroom before you arrived and the nurse told him there were no guarantees. In a matter of minutes we had two nurses, my doctor, a resident, a student, and my parents all in the room as I practiced pushing. During my labor the doctor told jokes and Chase held my hand to tell me how well I was doing and that he could see your head! After an hour and twenty minutes of pushing later the doctor told me it was in my best interest to get an episiotomy. As soon as I consented you made your way into the world crying only two contractions later.cBIrN3JRC133kxd9ecF_JRGiEhcWN4wWuZlkOHVmAegRhett, as soon as your Dad and I heard you cry we both had tears streaming down our faces. The doctor told Chase he could cut your umbilical cord and afterwards quickly places you on my chest. The very first things I noticed were your huge lips and the birthmark on your forehead (don’t worry, the swelling in your lips went down quickly).YZ7rNPlVLViiaoOgQ-li9iNIZs3HLVRKeSaVucrsFXw

Chase and I cried as we met you for the first time and stared at all of your tiny features in wonder at the realization that we had made you, this tiny, tiny human. I cried as Chase held you for the first timehkOJVZ6pGL7QpkX1jayjmIZ2ihdwm4EmrVGsV-Y84Co

After we were able to move from our delivery room to recovery I stared at you in wonder thinking, “You are only a couple hours old.” Every time I looked at the clock I couldn’t believe you were so new. Our first day and night together my parents laughed as they held you and commented on your perfectly pink lips (again, thank goodness that crazy swelling went down) and your dark blue eyes. We couldn’t believe how much hair you had! Everyone stayed as long as they could before handing you over for the night. Chase and I loved every second of being able to hold and cuddle you through the night.aM7Q1aIzPoCLEhoGIetCzr7W7ruQ_Yo_zAo1G-dOE1s

You are the most wonderful baby. Whether sleeping or awake you fill each moment with joy and laughter as we watch you explore this wide open space. You are strong and healthy and we are so excited to watch you grow. Thank you for making us parents, Rhett. Nothing has ever made us happier.     e3R1-_F_x2SOBPj5_9PgeuMHCHAYJer9U7F8Sx1oKGw


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