One Month

mJwVpaCCHSY0HnUoUX8DCFBhd2ZUCI7hFD3HDI8giT4To say that time has gone by too fast is an understatement. I feel like just yesterday we were in the hospital staring at our brand new baby in wonder. How can a month go by so quickly? Especially when the last several weeks of pregnancy felt like they were stretching into an eternity.

It’s funny that there came a point in my pregnancy when I couldn’t remember what it was like not to be pregnant and now, one month in, I can hardly seem to remember the feeling of being pregnant.vBiLApMr7yehlex0tPJzFZ-R9YW8fvaYTHlsI4JrY04

I’m not sure anything could have prepared me for life with a new baby. Like many people I’ve had my fair share of taking care of infants, I even nannied for twins starting when they were three months old. To have the responsibility to care for and maintain the life of another human being, however, is not something I could have fathomed before now. In the beginning I felt like all I did was spend my days, and nights, nursing the baby. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat eat eat. How can something so tiny need to eat so much? Of course, their stomachs start off the size of a grape so I could understand how it was impossible to fit much in there at once. Slowly we have begun to eat more and less often, actually giving me time to do things like shower and eat lunch on a regular basis. Hooray!vLD3m5gSEqTdthMaP5Sd5O5zdvLKbHyswEC8t1x7gMs,qspuOJXR0HZS_K1WiaVfZrHGkgeiX3ZnOCwgcQg9uUc

We seem to learn more about Rhett every day. In the first few days we learned that he HATES to be naked. He still cries when we change his outfit every day! Rhett loves to be cuddled and loves to sleep next to us. He sleeps well when swaddled but when he wakes up he works furiously to free his arms. Rhett hated the first bath we gave him after his umbilical cord fell off but he now lays quietly, fists balled and arms clenched to his sides in case I try to force him back into the cold air. He’s starting to sleep a little bit more on a schedule, for two or three hours at a time with his longest stretch at the beginning of the night when he gets in a whole three to three and a half hours. After that he sleeps about a half hour less each time he wakes up until the morning. He hates his pacifier! I’ve tried to give it to him a few times in an effort to soothe him but he looks at my angrily as if to tell me he knows he’s not getting the real thing. Most impressively, Rhett has an extraordinary amount of control of his head. He loves to turn it left and right as he lays on us and we’re always careful to have one hand on his head because he loves to lift it up to look around.

Rhett’s eyes are still a very dark blue and he doesn’t seem to have lost any of the hair he was born with-when we comb it after his baths we laugh at how much he looks like a little tiny man.

More than anything (besides eating) Rhett seems to love music. Seconds after we turn something on he quiets down to listen. This is the easiest way to calm him and put him to sleep. Chase and I both have playlists for Rhett that he can now recognize.

I’m excited to keep learning more about our little nugget as he grows and changes. His cheeks are already puffing out and he looks more and more like his Daddy every day. I can’t wait to see what the next month will bring us!v97xvxnC2JDO5mctoVff3uO4ASx7XmWFxUIkmDf1acc


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