Two Months

qpCC_ZeY5YYO_LOKLOsc1gSORL9jSi1RAwfvo1kUf90Two months old! What the what?!

tKcIiDhoLqKqpaCPjIftc4PFao9lvUSmijOi_QCxNiMThe day after Rhett’s one month birthday he finally cracked a real deal smile! Since then they’ve been few and far between but we get a good one out of him every now and then. Most of them still come while he’s sleeping.

In week four Rhett actually started to be able to actually see people and follow them around with his eyes. This is great for us because we’re starting to feel like much more interesting people. Plus it’s cute to have a baby watch you move around. Unfortunately now he knows when we walk away from him and that makes him sad. He’s definitely a baby that doesn’t like to be lonely. This is the week I also discovered Rhett does not do well with spicy food. No more salsa on my Chipotle burrito bowls.

In week five we experience a major growth spurt. Rhett nursed like crazy for two daWOMPti5meXCstCZNUEFZrn_6gLX5vFPTHCJ5l7y_TaIys and then slept like…well, like a baby for the next two or three. I was terrified he was going to get his days and nights mixed up but he just slept way more than usual! Rhett also decided he likes to be walked around in order to be soothed now. I think I’m going to need some orthopedic shoes if we’re going to keep this up. In order to save my poor arms I ordered an AMAZING new baby wrap that showed up in just two days. I almost cried with happiness. We can no longer live life without this thing, it has totally changed our day by day and I want to buy one for every Mom I know.

The funniest thing that happened over the last two weeks was going out to dinner with Rhett and my parents. When we got to the restaurant we were seated next to the most posh older couples I have probably ever seen. C7yC_4kyCwJDusWGJP0KTdCo6lFsR6n-TDbsMDi4tkIOne of them nervously joked about whether to not Rhett was going to give us any trouble over dinner and I had to say an immediate silent prayer that he wouldn’t. Of course, he woke up shortly after we sat down and I spent all of dinner eating with one hand and rocking his carseat with the other so he would stay asleep. At the end we got up to leave and the couples remarked how good he was and couldn’t get over how long and slander his little baby fingers were. They asked if this had been his first time out and I had to tell them I took him to a movie when he was six days old!

Rhett is definitely starting to chunk out a little bit and he fits into three month clothes! He’s been entertaining us more and more and we’re starting to return back to a little more sanity. Someday I may sleep more than three hours at a time but at least I feel comfortable enough to take Rhett on errands now.

VBu6DO2vhS_SOOK6ZzDkt1yyjADiRkR1ZchnbZQnAOEIn his sixth week he’s started to make all sorts of little noises and it’s ADORABLE. It’s much more fun to interact with a baby that makes noises than one that just stares blankly at you.e0ZTKGkk5WQQUV7VwO4GyGMv0-enVyIBDnzZ3W8pEsw

He’s also starting to sleep for three and a half hours for the first stretch of the night, which is glorious.I get to sleep in until 1:30-2 in the morning before waking up for the first time. Yay!

As a side note, Rhett still hates being cold…and naked.

R9gfM0JBkicuOekPXqxXqrT-78WQTLTIO68vfQLLsqMThe worst part of this week was Chase leaving for deployment. Pictures with Daddy will all be over FaceTime for the next three and a half months. We’ll miss being together as a  family but hopefully the time will pass quickly!

For the first day of Rhett’s seventh week I spent my first day away from him. I helped set up an event for my internship from 10:30 in the morning and didn’t get home until 6:30 that night. Oh my heart! While I was quite busy with the set-up and I had a ton of fun I was so glad to come home and see this little nugget at the end of the day. I think my internship is going to be a good experience for both of us.zzAphhWg2n9ZbiswonU5hFcDOhOlZ5tW60Zfhfyyz70

He also started taking his bottle like a champ, praise be to everything. I was pretty worried about it since he was still struggling before I had to leave for a whole day but his Aunt Sarah came through.

We took our first walks outside! Rhett had mixed feelings but I think it might have been because the sun was in his face for a while. We’re going to have to try to go earlier in the day to avoid that dilemma. Look at that scared little face, but adorable little outfit! His first walk was the day we took him to the Omaha Airbnb event and look at those little shoes. We got so many compliments on them.

Lastly, Rhett was able to borrow a bouncy seat this week and he loves it. This thing has seriously saved my life. And LOOK at this smile. I’m just dying. Let the mama adventures continue!


On a personal note…

I was hoping to start a half marathon training program today but it turns out my body has decided it’s just not ready to kick it back into high gear after having a baby. Instead of being frustrated I’m going back to square one to allow myself time to continue to heal while working on getting back to where I want to me. Enter the Couch to 5k workout. Although I know for a fact that I can run for 60 seconds after every 90 of walking I’m still going to let my body tell me what it wants to do so I don’t hurt myself. So, 8 weeks from now, let the half training commence!


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