Three Months


We’ve made it a quarter of a year!

This month Rhett met a lot of family, including his great grandmother and my Aunt and Uncle! I loved being able to share him with family, especially as the first great grandbaby, but I think my Nana was even more excited to show him off than I was.qS2Y4bkQXkSWnicvq1XXMz8WyRPgzkvVzignoohaJIk

Rhett still loves cuddling and sticks his tongue out like crazy. We had a lot of new firsts: going to the zoo, sitting in the Bumbo, and celebrating our first Easter. Rhett has been a trooper through it all and is getting bigger and stronger day by day.1kNkV4QSwDnwExQT4tLYR8sKS1xAYYG12o71FNz50iQ

In Mommy news, I chopped off half my hair! I now have a Mom haircut so I must truly be initiated. It was time and it’s been much easier to deal with instead of hassling with my long crazy hair every morning. Plus, Rhett can’t reach it anymore!KpzqytKECOOa56dWZU8qkql0luTjQu9CGGTQe1wa9cY4Xfp-fkjs11_vDgbw77E6lp6xD1JnbU4yoEUds9h90k

We’re looking forward to another fun filled month but hope it goes by quickly so Dad can come home!



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