One Year Ago Today

q-pYp5h3aeKb4XD-58aOH8cFLHHrvfr1D3_351MNrU0,gkUDd2rvk1yWaN1IHSDud-_hiatKd9f7Ph--Iv2yVDY,JPO1xOFo-_PUMsiJQ2U26ABDcVDZ5I1Ll-vH1LG2Utg,4dwcCdYG5TORisiJgGl9d7onzra7CpuIGfdLByFp9QAOne year ago today Chase and I were taking pictures to celebrate our upcoming ring ceremony held in late June. We spent an evening with our photographers, Hooton Images, laughing and playing at the summer camp I attended as a child and teenager. I spent several weeks there each summer, first as a camper riding horses down at the Ranch Camp, and then as a junior counselor. It was fun to bring Chase and the Hootons here to take pictures. The day we picked, however, was also a staff training day and it felt like we were stopped by every other person asking if we knew where we were and if someone in charge knew what we were doing. Yes and yes, thank you.BYNjnuPfSKpqEOYC9qdyDWgseMrv9K2iTopPRT4w_K4,DP8hLHmZWZUfsVD2LlepI6vC8XtpE8-5rBmRa15IACU,P3LcQZdDF0bHR2XzzNsmVjglBXwLvsnIaQUYruGJSSQ,B-ZOmiINkfxzAi3MNIZO_Z-eY9TWZRiDz_1c4DiDfmQ

Thinking back on these pictures I remember the Hootons stopping to say that they were going to try one of their favorite shots on us, the “Rhett Butler.” Essentially, all Chase had to do was look down at me lovingly like he was about to kiss me. Boy was he TERRIBLE at it. I love him but I saw the absolute funniest outtakes of those pictures. Eventually I took charge and showed him how to do it so we finally got this great picture where we’re laughing a little because we’ve tried this shot dozens of times by this point.UcwDyT9uT3suhj8hmkb5jvJSYNoye4IhBDZMdOZtjkY,VU07ypcP4Tj1ubngiGeiN98aknAHpWhg5yxYH2h4Mqw,lRqwt10ShopiY_00SwKk4ZxnYp1VAVyS4PziP4tbLqk,sLlxYagVyOAzqd70KI9OIkuUcq4w_2i-G5trjYDFF88

Of course we also had to get one of our obligatory tree pictures.IMG_4723

I also loved this one of Chase playing with his glasses. It was a little bit of a fluke but was cute and candid.qW2VkLGPCgmSEnk2BRVnrWXQwoO8gnCW3I1hWax7KDY,aJwoOrE9ca7sGeFEkYdajCHg4iENp1-Uvs48Qgh7m3A,0GyRYii6jNsLIAxCjp7tDEaj7IhUKJcFRMnRDhN0bkQ,onaA8i0HgBZ8EfwMdsyzE2NlErFs08UQr8lmRmMmbpI

After walking all over the place taking pictures the Hootons were nice enough to wait so we could get some really cool shots of us on this path full of hanging lights. So we all waited…and waited..and got but my mosquitos…and waited some more. And they never came on! Fortunately we got these really great dusk pictures instead.

DfcdW6fdG0KXWAl0d1utogDB4VSXcYcI1cL8J5vkqqU,pgsKSXTiKMXqFTUXlDcsTGH8gP_YAoy2qP9jRoLDbJg,vbORJIqyWVrrmSLbAeMtk5d1wdwOmm97WnvEVMjEi_U  TW6PCc7AZS0o1MTYEqVvRgko1jjNVoavu_XF-3gVyo4,PSfR9Uz4at73ZPbRymK2bHAFRFtt0kbPZjRvFxo1FK8,6nOJkb51IRzH1dQEIErWotJFvVWix4p5JA1zjIz1SEkq3PmTLmHVP7fv9C5xl06CHFnbbnXf8tHtNttuSv1Msw,TQl39sLyGiaqgghnTREufpR8qXu0_gqBisXl19Qx_-k,JJlHqsenosJC2cOqkb4mWft46zcIExHlFtw0zVDpqfQ

It’s funny to think back and realize we were on the verge of so much just then but I’m glad now to be able to look back and cherish these sweet memories.


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