Five Months

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Rhett and I didn’t have a lot going on over the last month. Most of it has revolved around family, like my brother’s graduation from high school and Dirk’s birthday. Can you believe this man is a grandpa?! They’re basically the cutest.9103bd70-8b3b-418f-a8be-afff0e21c6f8-o

More than anything else Rhett showed me that he has a newfound desire to munch on things, whether that be his thumb…or his toes.



Something I’m loving is that Rhett is finally starting to look like me! It’s about time because let’s be honest, I did do all of the hard work to get him here.


Also, our new favorite activity is watching the dog run around like a crazy thing. Rhett thinks it’s hilarious.

I’m going to say the best part of the month was…the return of Rhett’s Daddy! We’re so glad to have him home and excited to make up for lost time.



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