Six Months

The last month has been full of adventure for Rhett and our little family!

First, we were able to celebrate Chase’s first Father’s Day. All I have to say is…matching bow ties. I’m still dying over how cute they are.


At the end of June we packed up our car as much as we could (seriously, I wish I had gotten a picture of that madness) and headed out for our first family vacation to Southern Utah. Now if you didn’t catch that I’m going to say that again. We PACKED UP OUR CAR. That means two adults, one baby and his car seat, one dog, a guitar, two suitcases, a fishing pole and tackle box, a high chair, a pillow, and probably a couple of other things I’m forgetting honestly because I blocked the whole car packing fiasco out. We took two days to drive out, stopping in Colorado to visit Chase’s alma mater, the Air Force Academy. Once in Utah we met Chase’s family, and headed up to their cabin. It was beautiful and amazing and exactly what we needed. Rhett was able to play with his aunts and uncles, which he loved just as much as they did, go on hikes, stick his feet in beautiful mountain pool, ride in a Ranger, meet all sorts of new people, and eat real food for the first time! It was such a fun trip for all of us and we were so sad to have to leave our Utah and Idaho family to come back to real life. We can’t wait to see them again!





Happy half birthday to our favorite baby in the whole world!



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