Where’d You Go? I Miss You So…

I think this could be said of both myself and my husband. I’ve been taking an extended break from blogging for our first ever family vacation and to get myself back on my feet after Chase left me AGAIN. Military life is rough this year friends.

Our first little family vacation together was pretty successful! We were crazy enough to pack Rhett, Rupert, and all of our things in my car and take off at night to drive first to Denver and then to Southern Utah. Night driving was not really our friend so we drove during the day on our way back. Though it was stressful for Rhett at times because he had to be so contained, we made it work and will definitely continue to travel during the day in the future.

Southern Utah was so beautiful. It was such a joy to experience a dry, cool climate and escape our own hotbox home. The mountains were the best place to play for a week and a half and Rhett had the best time meeting some more of his aunts and another uncle. We felt so much happiness in being able to share our little babe with Chase’s family and we hope to see more of them later this year.dvCb6rlI1IauygzWtHc3ar20dhr7Ok1FKUO47o_wWdc

After our time in the mountains was over we follow Chase’s parents up to their family home in Idaho. While Chase’s parents did have to return to work we were able to spend some quality time with his siblings. Plus, Chase’s parents had the added bonus of seeing Rhett at the end of their work day! It was a win for everyone.

Since coming back home we’ve definitely been hit hard by real life. August has been a tiring and trying month with still a little less than half less to go. I’m husbandless yet again for five weeks so the little one and I have been trying to keep ourselves busy finding lots of things to do.

One of the most important thing to me as a sometimes single parent is finding at least one, but preferably not more than two, activities to do a day so I don’t get stir crazy and Rhett has something to do other than play with the same toys over and over again. Our favorite activities are playdates because BOTH of us are able to enjoy ourselves. It’s been fun to watch Rhett’s interactions change with his little friends as they’ve gotten older. I remember our first couple of playdates were definitely more about getting out and being social for me than for Rhett. We would lay the babies next to each other and they were completely oblivious as to what was going on. Now when we see our friends they give each other huge smiles and wave their arms around wildly as if to say, “hey hey! I think I know you!” I’m trying to get Rhett to be a little more gently because he just loves to whack things with his hands…so in order to do that I get to have more playdates, right?!v3ZCmG-pe2TddZaZfvQOcw9YRBo_66Rw4UVYfS_JQiE

Rhett and I also try to go on a jog or a walk with the dog every day (although we’re falling a little short on our dog walks). I’m still trying to train for a half marathon but had a pretty big setback when we left for vacation for almost a month. I’m back at it but it’s going slowly due to heat and humidity. But more on that another time!

I’ve said it a hundred times but having such good friends in our lives has made this year so much more enjoyable. We don’t know what we would do without all of the kind hearted people we are privileged to spend our lives with. I’m so thankful for all of their support, whether Chase is home or away!

My goal for the rest of the month is to continue to find small joys in each day and try to make sure I’m not taking my time with my baby for granted. Although I want him to grow up so badly at times I’ve heard enough that I’ll miss these days so I’d like to try to use them wisely.

Look for a Friday Favorites post later this week because I’m loving some great new things!


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