Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I’d like you all to know just how crazy I am about my Ergo Baby. I purchased the Four Position 360 Carrier in grey a couple months ago because I wanted something a little more sturdy to carry Rhett for our summer activities. With the 360 Carrier Rhett is able to face in, out, sideways, or be worn on my back. It was perfect for hiking out at our cabin this summer and it’s even been great for getting him to calm down when he’s fussy and can put him right to sleep. I love its versatility and Rhett seems to be very comfortable. This carrier doesn’t hurt my back at all and I feel very secure whether I’m hiking or getting groceries. Over the summer they debuted a new color, dusty blue, that I’m just dying over. Maybe for the next baby, right?!


Rhett’s very favorite food is Coconut Chobani. How random is that?! Once when I was eating my own daily coconut yogurt Rhett started reaching for it and when I gave him a bite (thinking he wouldn’t like it for its tart taste) he went wild for it. It’s his favorite flavor, even over strawberry, blueberry, and peach. He’s definitely my baby. I don’t feel too guilty giving it to him because it’s made with real ingredients, natural sweeteners, less sugar then leading brands, and no GMO’s. I do have to say that our family is a little bit biased when it comes to yogurt because my husband’s Mom works for Chobani, but swear I would eat it even if she didn’t. It’s just an extra added perk that when we go to visit she has an entire Chobani fridge! I basically live on it when we’re there.

These lettuce wraps by Damn Delicious are my go-to summer meal. They do take me around an hour instead of the 30 minutes they suggest, but it’s probably because it’s more distracting to do all my prep work with a baby. We even made a double batch a couple weeks ago and took them to friends with a new baby. Light, refreshing, and fairly healthy!

As always, thanks for letting me share a few of my favorite things!

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