Friday Favorites

I’m back!

Last weekend Chase finally came home from a five week training in Alabama and distracted me from all of my other favorite things besides him.

I just finished the book Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ne and I was obsessed. Really, I could hardly put it down. I even let Rhett nap on me for a couple hours every day just so I could read it and he would sleep longer. I’d call that a parenting win. The novel is about a Chinese American family living in Ohio in the 1970s. Lydia, the favorite child of her parents, is found dead in the local lake and the novel tells the story of her family trying to come to understand her death and each other. But read the excerpt from the link I posted because it has a much better explanation. All I can say is that I’m recommending this book to everyone I know…like you guys!

Do you ever get tired of having to wash baby spoons over and over AND OVER?! I do. That’s why I bought a huge pack of Nuby Hot Safe Spoons. I love them because the spoon tip changes color if Rhett’s food is too hot, it’s very easy to grip, has the perfect little sized scooper for food and Rhett’s mouth, and is BPA free! Now I can go days before running out of spoons. Hooray!

gt-logoThis week’s final Friday Favorite is gatheretable. This website allows you to make homemade meals easier by customizing your weekly meal plans and grocery lists.
In some areas you can even have your groceries delivered! First, you select what kind of diet you eat, whether or not that’s anything, paleo, vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, dairy free, nut free, or gluten free. Next, you sign up with Facebook or your email to get a 10 day free trial that allows you access to a weekly meal plan sent straight to your inbox, the ability to edit the menu to fit your week, and an all inclusive grocery list. Personally, my favorite part is the grocery list. As my husband can tell you, I’m constantly forgetting to grab things from the store so my “once a week” grocery trip turns into “what do I have to run and grab from the store today?” This week I had the list sent to my email and I was even able to check things off on my phone as I put them in my cart. How nifty is that?! After your first ten days there are two upgrade options- a monthly plan that costs $10 a month, or a yearly plan that costs $86 annually. If you still have some questions about the site you can watch their video here. It gives a great description of the service and how to use it.

I hope y’all have some fun weekend plans! We’ll be spending ours finishing up house projects and caring for our sicky baby. Enjoy the nice weather and bring on fall!

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