Eight Months

I’d say this has been a month of both big and small accomplishments.

The big news: Rhett is sitting up! HOORAY!g4Oq5qc9oKiueC-FhHTS8FiES6VTtemvZn-jyW6voC8

It was the funniest thing because we went over for a playdate and I was talking about how he refused to sit by himself…as he started doing it. My friend kept laughing at me because she thought I was a fibber for saying he couldn’t sit when he was doing it right in front of her. I’m glad he finally proved me wrong! Having Rhett be able to sit by himself has made life much less stressful for me at times and I think he likes that he’s gained some independence.9m3iLC9urwUoCcKpeDIqxOcNhxgV3wcaf7HWNpoOTLY

Also…he first tooth popped up yesterday! I can barely feel the tip of it but his bottom left is definitely there. From what I can see (since he never lets me look in his mouth for more than half a second) his bottom right is coming in as well. Our family pictures with two teeth are going to be a riot.

In other news, Rhett’s Uncle Ian left for college this month and we were so sad to say goodbye! He’s off at the University of San Diego now and it sounds like he’s enjoying it so far. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing him again until Christmas.-ZDtayBhByNF1XqmdfUijAUCC9bYq0qvsX3o5D8aKJ0This month we were able to have lots of fun play dates as well. We went hiking, had a lot of dinners with friends, and combined dog and baby play dates.

Fun Rhett facts:

He loves to stick out his tongue and has started to make all kinds of funny noises.iXEzdx9-3CKj9LuLs0jCOWAS6iPvtx9ESWUnEc6r0R0

And he sleep with his ankles crossed most of the time. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!fXNZT_GiNaxrxCvlH7Kcaqud7epn9lNLRuBf7k7cZBA

We can’t believe he’s getting so big but we’re loving the stage he’s entering. Rhett has become so fun to play with and much easier to take out and about. Hopefully our next month will include crawling…fingers crossed!


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