Friday Favorites

It’s FriYAY!!

I have a cute wedding to help set up tomorrow and my birthday is next week so I’m super ready to get the ball rolling on this weekend.

635586691473690073-Sanders-082114-185-JJTToday we went to Costco and as we were heading to the checkout we passed by none other than…DUH DUH DUUUUUUHthe candy isle. Now, I’m not much of a candy eater but I’m a sucker for Sea Salt Caramels. One year I even made my own to give out in my yearly Christmas baskets. These Sanders Sea Salt Caramels are totally delicious and I’m basically planning to one eat one a day as my dessert. I get that from my Dad…more on that another time.


Another snack Chase and I have totally been in love with recently is this delicious Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus from Trader Joe’s. It’s hummus…so…it’s healthy…right? If you love hummus and also like a little spice in your life you should definitely give this a try.


The last thing I’m loving this week is the baby food line made by Beech-Nut. Rhett has almost totally rejected all homemade baby food and this is all I can get him to eat, unless it’s a food directly off my plate. I had always planned on being the Mom that pureed all my baby food and went totally organic and gave my baby the best, blah blah blah. But you know what? Rhett hates pretty much anything I make him, even when it’s exactly what I’m giving him in one of his Beech-Nut jars. So this week I finally and officially decided that giving my baby store bought baby food doesn’t make me a bad Mom and I bought jars upon jars upon jars. Haters gonna hate but Rhett is going to be full and happy. But really, I do love this brand because it’s 100% natural with no artificial ingredients or pesticides. The foods they make are the closest I have found to homemade and get Rhett to try new and interesting fruits and vegetables. I also love that Beech-Nut is totally transparent about what’s inside each jar. If you and your baby are starting solid foods soon I totally love and recommend it!

Well folks, that’s all I’ve got today because my mind has already headed towards the weekend! Hope yours is full of family and fall beauty.


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