I’m Feelin’…Twenty-Four

Dear twenty-four,

I’m pretty excited about you. The transition for twenty-three to twenty-four is going to be pretty seamless since I’ve been accidentally giving people the wrong age (twenty-four) for a solid six months…or more.

I’m not going to lie, twenty-three was a pretty great year.


Twenty-three will go down as the year I brought the sweetest little life into this world. I’ll remember it as the year I learned to be more selfless and a little more kind. A year of little sleep but big baby smiles. A time of building better friendships and lasting memories. Twenty-three has been hard, but worth the sacrifice and the struggle to appreciate a life worth living. This last year has been a year of discovery, of finding my passions, of learning what, where, and who I want to be. I’ve come through a year of trial and error to find myself standing of the precipice of a new and exciting adventure.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.19.31 PM

Twenty-four, I think you’ll be my best year yet. Now I know that’s saying a lot with a marriage and a baby in the last two years, but I’m convinced you’ll give me a run for my money. I can feel that twenty-four will be, more than ever, a year of self discovery. A year of making the things that I’m passionate about actually happen. This will be a year to share with a growing little boy, a loyal husband, and a band of the very best friends.This is the year I will do things that truly inspire me. Challenge me. Humble me. A year of untamed happiness and uninhibited joy. A year to make things happen.


I may be expecting a lot from you, twenty-four, but my expectations are ones I’m committed to making a reality.

Cheers to a new adventure, a full life, and a year worth cherishing.


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