Nine Months


So here’s what I’m starting to realize. As much as I would love to write a bajillion paragraph post on how great Rhett is and how much I love him and how cute he is, I’ve decided that’s not really important. What seems more important to me is remembering all of the really uniquely adorable things about him that I’ve noticed this last month.


So here they are. And also some cute pictures.


  • Rhett holds his own hands while he’s sleeping. I tried to get a picture of it a couple days ago but my flash was on and instead of getting an endearing picture I got a screaming awake baby and a big headache. Bad flash, bad!
  • He basically only shrieks and yells, aka makes no consonant noises, which the doctor assured me today is “fine.”
  • Rhett started army crawling last Thursday! I actually missed it because I was on my way home from an interview, BUT I was on the phone with Chase when it happened. He started yelling, “Rhett’s crawling, Rhett’s crawling!” I actually didn’t believe him until he told me it was army crawling. I still had a hard time believing him until Rhett did it again later that night and since then he has become really mobile, really fast. Unfortunately, he mostly crawls towards all of the disgusting dog toys, the trash can, and wires. Can anyone say baby proofing?
  • He LOVES watching himself in mirrors and iPhone videos. I took the most hilarious video of him couple weeks ago where he noticed I’m filming him and starts acting so entertained by himself. I’ll try to upload a couple second to Instagram over the weekend.
  • Today, I noticed that Rhett mostly chews on the left side of his mouth. Like, pushes his food over to the left with his tongue and then noms on it. It’s precious.
  • Rhett literally figured out how to sit himself up TODAY. I was absolutely shocked and immediately realized we have to lower the crib. Wah!!
  • Lastly, Rhett loves eating whatever Chase and I are. One of his new favorite foods is salmon. How random is that?


Happy three fourths of a year little love!


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