October Stitch Fix Review

Another month of Stitch Fix! While this is only my second review, this box is the 10th that I’ve received. Next month will mark a whole year of stitch fix!


For those of you that have forgotten what Stitch Fix is, I’ll give you my spiel again…

Stitch Fix is basically a personal styling service where you fill out an online style profile, are matched with a stylist, and shipped clothes on a schedule that you set yourself. This can be twice a month, once a month, every other month, or whenever you feel like it. Did I mention it’s free to sign up? In each shipment you receive five pieces, whether they be all clothing or a mix of clothing and accessories. Items are, on average, around $55 per piece but when you set up your style profile you can choose what amount you would ideally spend in each category of clothing. Each time you get a Fix you’re also able to write a note to your stylist and tell them abut anything you’re looking to add to your closet or any special occasions that are coming up.

It’s great because you get to try on the clothes in the comfort of your own home and you keep what you love and send back the rest, all you do is hop online to check out and provide feedback on each item so they can make your next Fix even better.


This month I gave my stylist direction by noting that I would like to see a vest, long sleeves, a new striped top, and some olive or burgundy. I actually did have all of my requests fulfilled, however, I was surprised to see that I had a new stylist this month. Usually I request the same person and this month I had a bit of a mix up with the date of my Stitch Fix’s arrival, so I’m guessing my stylist was taken…which really bums me out. I’m definitely going to request to have her back for next month!

The first item I tried on was the Pico Lace Detail Top by Skies are Blue ($54).


In my stylist’s note she said, “the burgundy color is the perfect shade of red for the Fall and the lace detail gives it a romantic feel.” I do actually love the color of this top, but I pretty much dislike everything else about it.


I’m not at all a fan of the material, the look of the lace, or the style of the top. It’s way too boho for me, a style that I’ve specifically asked not to be sent. I’ll definitely be sending this top back. By the way, it was SO hard to button. Thus the face. Like it?!


The next item I tried was the Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater by Market & Spruce ($58). Crew neck, definitely a fan. Black, who isn’t a fan? Elbow patches, adorable.


This top has a lot of things going for it; unfortunately, I already own quite a bit of black so in order for me to keep this top it really would have had to wow me. Also, does anyone else think the placement of the elbow patches is a little weird? Overall I feel like this is a pretty average sweater and not one that I’m totally in love with. Sadly, it’s going back.

My third item is the Collin Knit Top by Dee Elle ($48). I did ask for a striped top, but I was thinking I’d like one that would be a bit more of a staple in my closet instead of a “fun” piece.


In my opinion, this top is not flattering at all. The quality of the material and the fit aren’t that great, and I actually hate the sleeves. Plus, the armpits are weirdly droopy. Going back.


Next is the Fayette Split Back Top from Skies are Blue ($58). I actually do like the pattern of the top and I was happy to see something olive come out of my box.


Alas, the top really doesn’t fit quite right. If I move my arms backward at all the top stretches out in the bust and pulls unattractively at my chest. I would definitely have to make sure to wear something under the top, but even then the fit still wouldn’t be right. I’m also not at all a fan of this open back. Another piece going back.


Bird wings anyone? Don’t worry, I already know I’m embarrassing.


My final piece, the Hanko Buffalo Plaid Vest by Pixely ($58), was the saving grace of this Fix. It’s really the only piece in the box that I like and mostly fits my style. I really like the colors, it fits pretty well, and I have a lot I can wear it with.



This vest will definitely be coming on our trip next month. It feels heavy enough to keep me warm, but light enough that I won’t get overheated during some of our activities.



I’ll be honest, overall this Fix was pretty much a bust. I think if this had been my first fix I would have been pretty discouraged because most of this box isn’t my style. However, this isn’t my first rodeo, and I know that my boxes are usually much better. To help make my next Fix even better I’ll give the best feedback I can for each piece when I check out and I’ll make sure to request my usual stylist.

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix for yourself (it’s what all the cool kids are doing) you can follow my exclusive link and order your own box. If you don’t love it, although I almost guarantee you will, you’ll only lose out on your $20 styling fee. When your box arrives and you love some things that are in it, you get to use your fee towards anything you keep!

What do you guys think about this month’s box? Have any questions about Stitch Fix or want to see what I received last month?

P.S. It’s both hard and entertaining to try and take pictures with this little nugget scooting all around. He’s pretty cute though so I think I’ll still keep him.


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2 thoughts on “October Stitch Fix Review

  1. sign4baby says:

    That plaid vest is so perfect for fall! I have a few friends who get the stitch fix box and love it. I need to check it out to keep the wardrobe fresh.


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