Friday Favorites: Combating Colds

combating coldsThis week/last weekend all of us got slammed with an awful cold. Chase had it over the weekend while I was gone working a wedding and I have it now that he’s back at work.

The difference between being sick before becoming a Mom and after? You don’t get to snuggle under a blanket with your freshly brewed tea and binge on Netflix anymore. Now you have to take care of yourself and a sick little nugget. A couple days this week, that basically consisted of me lying on the floor while Rhett crawled all over me. He hasn’t been my biggest fan at times. It’s awful to see him feel so terrible and not be able to do anything about it, but all I can do is take care of the both of us the best I can.

So what are we using to combat colds around here when we can’t take any medicine? Here are my favorites:


Emergen-C®: While it doesn’t taste like sunshine, I feel like it’s giving me the antioxidant and electrolyte boost I need.

Kleenex® Cool Touch Tissues, enriched with coconut oil and aloe: Magic. These things keep my nose and lips from getting chapped twice as long. Coconut oil has some serious healing powers.

Chamomile Tea with Honey: I’m pretty sure everyone already knows this makes you feel WAY better. We don;t have a favorite brand but I do love using local honey. My current favorite is one I picked up from a Farmer’s Market in San Diego around this time last year. It’s a wildflower honey and it’s insanely good.

Boogie Wipes: Do you know about these? They’re obviously for kids but when we ran out of Kleenex® I started using Rhett’s little wipes instead. THEY’RE AMAZING. My lips still aren’t chapped and I don’t have an obnoxious red spot between my nose and my upper lip. Rhett isn’t really into them yet, because he hates it when I wipe his face with anything. We’re working on it.

doTERRA® Essential Oils: Not to get all hippie dippy on you, but we do use a combination of this and Baby Vicks. For Rhett, I mix a drop of Breathe with some coconut oil (there it is again!) and rub it on his feet, chest, and back. I do the same thing for myself, except with two drops and mostly on my feet and chest.

What do you guys use at your house when everyone gets sick? I’d love to add to what we have now in case we catch anything else over the winter (it seems inevitable since it’s only October). Hope your house is cold and flu free and y’all have a great weekend! Happy Halloween!


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