D-Size Batteries

…a true story about Gabi, by Chase Webster.

As I stood in the Costco checkout line, I felt ill at ease. “What am I forgetting?” I thought as I quickly scanned my haphazard grocery list scribbled on the back of an old Target receipt. Each item on the list had been violently scratched out, as if I were trying to defeat individual items that stood between me and a hot cup of cocoa in front of the fireplace. Nothing remained. “I must have forgotten to write something down,” I admitted to myself. My mind strained and my eyes squinted slightly as I tried to remember the missing item. “It was so important!” I announced audibly. My voice carried a little further than I had intended, inviting quizzical looks from my fellow shoppers in the next line over. Rhett slept open-mouthed on my chest in his carrier, a steady stream of drool wetting the front of my shirt.

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Small Victories

About seven months ago at the very bottom of Rhett’s two month update, I decided to share that I wanted to begin training for a half marathon.

Now, fast forward to present day, past the heat and humidity of summer, the necessity to take Rhett out in his jogging stroller for 95% of my runs, and a general and overwhelming tiredness from being a first time Mom. Spoiler alert: I’m not anywhere near my 13.1 miles.


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Where’d You Go? I Miss You So…

I think this could be said of both myself and my husband. I’ve been taking an extended break from blogging for our first ever family vacation and to get myself back on my feet after Chase left me AGAIN. Military life is rough this year friends.

Our first little family vacation together was pretty successful! We were crazy enough to pack Rhett, Rupert, and all of our things in my car and take off at night to drive first to Denver and then to Southern Utah. Night driving was not really our friend so we drove during the day on our way back. Though it was stressful for Rhett at times because he had to be so contained, we made it work and will definitely continue to travel during the day in the future.

Southern Utah was so beautiful. It was such a joy to experience a dry, cool climate and escape our own hotbox home. The mountains were the best place to play for a week and a half and Rhett had the best time meeting some more of his aunts and another uncle. We felt so much happiness in being able to share our little babe with Chase’s family and we hope to see more of them later this year.dvCb6rlI1IauygzWtHc3ar20dhr7Ok1FKUO47o_wWdc

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