Up, Up and Away

For our two year anniversary, I decided to plan a surprise vacation for Chase and I.

A surprise trip, you say? How did I manage that? Way back in March, Southwest had a rockin’ sale and I decided to take full advantage of it. Chase was deployed so I had to FaceTime him and say, “Hey…can I spend a bunch of money on a big birthday/anniversary surprise for you? Also, I’m not going to tell you what I’m buying.” While he wasn’t thrilled about not knowing what exactly I was purchasing, he trusts me and said to go for it.

Almost every day until his birthday this summer he asked me what the big surprise was and when I was going to tell him. I was actually going to try to keep the whole thing a secret until our trip rolled around but he was driving me nuts with all the questions! So, for Chase’s birthday over the summer I announced that we were going on a surprise anniversary trip to an unknown location and that I had already purchased the plane tickets (killer deal) and our lodging. He was definitely surprised!

As of today we have approximately 25 days until our trip and until then I’m going to share all of my travel planning tips…without telling you where we’re going. I would hate to ruin the surprise!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.39.00 PM

Over the weekend I’ll share tips on finding a great place to stay and renting a car. Fun fact: I’ve never booked my own hotel or car before, but now I know all about it.

I can’t wait to share my tips with you! Follow along over the next few weeks and find out (along with Chase) where we’re going.

Nine Months


So here’s what I’m starting to realize. As much as I would love to write a bajillion paragraph post on how great Rhett is and how much I love him and how cute he is, I’ve decided that’s not really important. What seems more important to me is remembering all of the really uniquely adorable things about him that I’ve noticed this last month. Continue reading

Small Victories

About seven months ago at the very bottom of Rhett’s two month update, I decided to share that I wanted to begin training for a half marathon.

Now, fast forward to present day, past the heat and humidity of summer, the necessity to take Rhett out in his jogging stroller for 95% of my runs, and a general and overwhelming tiredness from being a first time Mom. Spoiler alert: I’m not anywhere near my 13.1 miles.


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